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How do I edit or delete a scheduled message? (Web and Mobile)


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  • Ron

    Melissa, I created a birthday template a year ago or more that used the "Placeholder" for first name that used to be ${fname}.  I then set up scheduled messages for all of my clients (easy, but time consuming) to get a happy birthday text at 8am annually on their birthday.

    Despite the fact that the first name placeholder changed to ${contact.firstname} some time back (not exactly sure when), my birthday texts have still been working.  However, this morning I used the template manually and it did NOT work.  In other words, I had a client get a text that literally said "${fname}, Happy Birthday from all of us here at..."  Yes, a bit embarrassing.  

    I've updated the template to use the new placeholder and I'm confident that new one off and annually occurring scheduled messages that use the new template will work.  Can you assure me with certainty that all of the previously scheduled birthday messages will continue to work?  I have been told by Support that I have to update every single scheduled message across all 12 months if I want them to work.  That seems like an unacceptable answer and I'm looking forward to your reply.  If they do need to change, please tell me there's some automated way that you guys can do it behind the scenes.  Thanks in advance for your help.


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